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Non profit Requests:

At Tuttles we are thankful for our customers and believe in actively giving back to the central Indiana community.

Tuttles partners with several nonprofits on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways:

Community Organizations:

Tuttles is involved in the following community organizations:

Produce Donations for Food Pantries:  

Tuttles is actively involved in donating produce to food pantries and soup kitchens on an ongoing basis.  These organizations include:  Gleaners Food Bank and Hancock County Food Pantry.

We focus our produce donations on food pantries and soup kitchens in our immediate area.  We feel this is the best way to invest our produce resources in our community.  Food pantries interested in produce need to contact Ruth Ann at (317) 326-2278. 

Discounted Produce for Non Profit Organizations: 

Because of the number of requests we receive, Tuttle’s does not make donations of pumpkins, apples, etc to non-profit events (fall festivals, school events, etc).  However, we will offer these type organization a discounted price on the following items:

Order Form for Discounted Produce for Non Profit

Silent Auctions:

Tuttles sometimes donates Family Fall Fun Packs to silent auctions for nonprofit events in Hancock County and surrounding counties.   We strive to fill as many requests as possible.  However, we receive a large number of requests, so we cannot guarantee that we are able to fill all requests. 

Requests MUST be submitted at least TWO WEEKS in advance in the off season (November-August) and preferably ONE MONTH in advance during peak season (Sept/Oct).

Please complete the below form.  If you have a question about a silent auction request, you may contact Patti  in our office on Wednesday or Thursday at 317-326-2278.

Request Form