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Let us show your group a good time!

See why 20,000 + people visited Tuttles as a part of a group last year.  

Field trip, church group, mom’s club, garden club, FFA group, college group, corporate outing, baby shower…. we host all kinds of groups all through the year.

See why over 20,000 people visited as part of a group last year.

We have become a fun destination for groups to visit throughout the year.

Explore 200 acres of diversified farming.

We’ve got something to show you here at the orchard all through the year.

We make learning about agriculture fun!

As an orchard, we value helping people understand how things grow and bringing the farm to life.  We love having groups and sharing with them about our 90+ years of growing things.

Field Trip of Apple Orchard in Indianapolis

Gourmet Catering or BBQ picnic?

For groups who want to eat while their here we offer a full range of options that vary seasonally.  From apple cider slushie treats to farm to table dinner experiences, our executive Chef can provide food that’s a good fit for your group.


Spring Options:

Adult Greenhouse Lunch & Tour
Greenhouse Field Trips
Greenhouse Homeschool Classes
Greenhouse Scout Day

Summer Options:

Summer Group Tour & Lunch
Group Buffet Lunch & Shopping
Host a Shower {Nov-Aug}

Things we don’t do:

Weddings:  Tuttle’s does not currently host weddings during any season.

Summer Kid’s Birthday Parties:  we currently only host kid’s parties in the fall as that’s when the outdoor activities are open.

Preschool Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Fall Kids Groups:

Fall Kids Birthday Parties
Fall Preschool Field Trips
Fall Elementary Field Trips
Fall Break Camp & After Care Groups
Fall Homeschool Day
Fall Scout Groups

Fall Student & Adult Groups:

FFA Convention Groups
Fall Adult Group Lunch Tours
Fall College Groups
Fall Church Groups
Fall Corporate Groups