Discounted Produce Order Form for Non Profit

NOTE: By completing this form you ARE placing an order for your non profit organization.

Tuttle's continues to give back to our community by providing discounted prices on our own produce to organizations in our community. Requests should be submitted up to one month prior to event but MUST be submitted no later than 2 week before the event. Requests submitted after that time may not filled. Please use this form to submit your order. If for some reason we can not fulfill your order, we will contact you within a week. We receive a LOT of requests throughout the year so we apologize if we are unable to fill all requests.

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Apples: Discount price is $28.00/bushel (approx 75-125 apples depending on variety).

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Cider: Discount price is $5.00 gallon (retail price is $6.95). Cider MUST be refrigerated. Gallons Needed:

Mini Pumpkins: Please call Patti at 317-326-2278 to check availability! # of Mini Pumpkins Needed:

Pie Pumpkins (small pumpkin): Please call Patti at 317-326-2278 on Wednesdays or Thursdays to check availability. # of Pie Pumpkins Needed: