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Seasonal Produce Recipes

Check out these recipe ideas for the produce we grow and sell.  Also, great ideas for using your tote fruits and veggies.

Apple Cupcakes

September 4th, 2017|Comments Off on Apple Cupcakes

This apple recipe can be used for a cake or cupcakes! It will make 24 cupcakes or one large cake in a 9 by 13 dish. I decided to make 12 cupcakes and a smaller [...]

Pudgie Pies- A Campfire Treat

August 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Pudgie Pies- A Campfire Treat

It's always so hard for me to choose between pudgie pies and smores for dessert when we go camping. I usually just have to go with both because they are amazing treats that are special [...]

Stuffed Tuttle’s Peppers

August 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Stuffed Tuttle’s Peppers

Ingredients: 3 green Tuttle's peppers 1 pound ground beef 1/3 cup rice 1/2 cup tomato juice (Want to make your own juice? Click here to learn how to can your own from Tuttles tomatoes!) 1/4 [...]

Savory Hamburger Supper

August 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Savory Hamburger Supper

This recipe is a favorite of my husband and as been made by his family for many years. It's very similar to a Hamburger Helper meal but is so much better with the fresh produce [...]

Crockpot Fajitas

August 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Crockpot Fajitas

I've really come to appreciate my crockpot and the easy yet healthy meals that can be made in it. It's nice to come home after a busy day and have a real meal almost completely [...]

Corn Fritters

August 17th, 2017|Comments Off on Corn Fritters

I honestly thought my husband was kidding when he told me he would make corn fritters to go with our supper the other evening. I was trying to envision these fritters as a combination between [...]

Tomato Juice

August 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Tomato Juice

Juice is great for soups such as chili or tomato soup, making fresh salsa, cooking in meats such as meatloaf, or even drinking. Canning or freezing will give you fresh juice to use for these [...]

Corn Salsa

August 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Corn Salsa

Ingredients: 4 ears of Tuttles corn 1 medium green pepper Small onion, chopped 3 medium sized tomatoes, diced A few leaves of cilantro 2 cloves of garlic, diced     Directions: Cut the kernels of [...]

Cucumber Cookies

August 6th, 2017|Comments Off on Cucumber Cookies

I am pretty much always looking for a way to make desserts. These cookies caught my eye while scrolling through recipe options online... "Could cucumbers really make a good dessert?!" I had to find out [...]

Easy Veggie and Sausage Skillet

August 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on Easy Veggie and Sausage Skillet

I knew the moment I saw the ingredient list for this recipe on that I would be trying this meal! It was simple to make, yummy to eat, and made for some great leftovers. [...]