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Tuttle’s Cafe & Sweet Shop: farm to table sweets and eats all year.

Our lunches are farm fresh!

Tuttle’s cafe offers sandwiches, soups, and other lunch and dinner items that are made with ingredients we grow at sell right in our Farm Store.  We work with local meat producers and artisans to source great ingredients.  Some of the local people we work with are:

  • The Pork Shoppe
  • Miller Poultry
  • Rhim Foods
  • Broad Ripple Chip Company
  • Caprini Creamery
  • Hubbard & Craven Coffee

Bring Your Group for Lunch!

We’d love to host you for lunch or dinner here in the Cafe.  We host garden clubs, red hat groups, birthday groups, tour bus groups, and more.  We can do anything from sandwiches to summer picnic buffet lunch to farm to table upscale dinner.  Click below for more info.


Spring Garden Club, Red Hat, Seniors Lunch Groups
Summer Lunch & Tour Groups {10-30 ppl}
Summer Buffet Lunch Group {30-100 ppl}





Closed Sunday

Open all Winter.



Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM

open til 7 on Thursday 

Saturday: 9AM-6PM

Closed Sunday



Monday-Saturday: 9AM-6PM


Closed Sunday

Lunch served at Tuttle’s Grill on Saturdays, NOT in Cafe.

Our Menu {this can change often due to seasonality of produce}:

Seasonal Homemade Treats:

The cafe is always using the produce that’s in season.

Strawberry Day
Cherry Day
Blueberry Day
Peach Day
Caramel Apple Wedding Favors

The best caramel apples around!

At Tuttle’s we hand dip over 20,000 caramel apples each year.  We use only the freshest apples…and some super yummy toppings to make some pretty amazing apples.  We have caramel apples available all through the year.

Need Bulk Caramel Apples for an Event or Gifts?

We do lots of bulk orders.  Click before for more info.

More Info
apple cider slush

We’re famous for our slushies!


We use our award winning apple cider to make some pretty famous apple cider slushies! 

Visit us in the summer months to try some of our other fruit flavors like peach and strawberry.

Donuts from Local Bakeries

We love local and we’ve partnered with Bowman’s Bakery, Sunrise Bakery, and Jack’s Donuts in Greenfield to bring you a selection of apple & pumpkin donuts each fall.

So many Sweet Treats!

We love to bring you the best of local goodies.  Our Sweet Shop has a great selection of items from some well known Indiana confectioneries such as:

  • Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson
  • South Bend Chocolate Company
  • Pumpkin Muffins from Scholars Inn Bakery
  • Cookies from Montessori Baked Goods
  • Cinnamon Bread from Cornerstone Bread Co.

Please note availability varies by season.