Tuttle’s Produce Tote Program: Vacation Week Request Info 2017-05-15T15:31:24+00:00

Tuttle’s Tote Program Vacation Request Information

During the summer tote season, we recognize that you may be out of town and unable to pick up your tote.  We have allowed for you to take up to two vacation weeks off during the season.  These are optional and not required.  Monthly/Sampler totes do NOT get vacation weeks.  If you do choose to take a vacation week you must do so BEFORE Tuesday at Midnight for the week of your tote.  This will allows us time to calculate how much produce we need to pick and pack for that week. 

NEW this year we have the monthly tote add-ons.  If you choose the first week of the month as your vacation week and you have monthly add-ons, please note you will NOT receive your monthly add-ons the next week.  You will be credited by gift card at the end of the season.  

Vacation weeks will NOT be credited back to your credit card, but you will receive a gift card to the Tuttle’s Farm Store at the end of the season as credit for any weeks your account is on a vacation hold.  Gift cards can be used for any further purchases at Tuttle’s including fall activities and future totes.  You may also ask us to hold your tote here at the Farm Store until Saturday (if you normally pick up on thursdays at another location you can choose to pick up Friday or Saturday in the Farm Store).  Just let us know in advance.  Once totes are taken to pickup locations they are NOT returned here to Tuttles, so we must know in advance if you’d like us to hold it here.  Thanks.   

Please note:  Totes that are not picked up without advance notice will NOT be eligible for this credit.  You must request a vacation week in advance.  Totes that are not picked up will be donated to the pickup location or local food pantry. 

To request a vacation week, please send an email to patti@tuttleorchards.com with the following three things:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email 
  • Your Pickup Location
  • Requested Vacation Week

Please be sure to email by Tuesday night at Midnight for that week’s tote.  Thanks.