Build Your Own Hanging Basket Workshop {Sat, March 14 & 21} (CANCELLED)

This workshop allows you to build a hanging basket in March. We will then take care of it and help it grow in March and April, and you pick the basket up sometime in between May 1-15th when it’s ready to be outside.

This is an opportunity to be inside the greenhouse in March during spring planting season. The workshops last approx 1 hour. Participants will choose from one of 6 basket options to plant a 12″ hanging basket {both shade and sun combos will be available to choose from}. We will learn about how the process works to plant baskets, fertilize, care for baskets, etc. These baskets are the large 12″ container baskets that you can purchase for $39.95 during the spring season. Cost for the class is $45 (includes all materials for one basket, care of basket until May, and instruction). Participants can choose to plant more than one basket for an additional cost of $39.95 each basket.

Register for the class here.

Each class is limited to 12 participants.

Please note: you MUST be able to pick up your basket by May 15th. Tuttle’s is not responsible for any baskets that are not picked up between May 1 and May 15th.

Participants can choose from the following 9 basket combos (while supplies last …. we cannot guarantee that a certain combo will be available):

Geneva Terrace Basket: Royal Velvet Petunia, Bordeaux Pentunia, Purple Verbena (this is a sun loving basket)

Bermuda Skies Basket: this is a sun loving basket. It likes full sun, but the Lobelia does not love super hot heat. Bermuda Beach Petunia, Yellow Chiffon Superbells, Blue Lobelia

Bermuda Beach Petunia Basket

Hawaiian Luau: This is a sun loving basket of Superbells. It loves sun…it does require a lot of water! Red Superbells, Purple Superbells, Orange Superbells.

Summer Sunshine Basket: this is a very popular basket for full sun featuring Bordeaux Petunia, Yellow Superbells, Raspberry Verbena

Pastel Shade Basket: this is a nice hardy basket for shade or part sun environments. These last all summer and look really nice. Dragon wing pink begonias, apricot illusion begonia, and purple torenia are featured in this basket.

Purple Impatiens Basket: another nice basket for part sun or shade featuring purple double impatiens, purple torenia, and silver falls.

Bunker Hill: White Verbena, Red Superbells, Blue Lobelia

Strawberry Sauce: Pink Superbells, Burgundy Verbena, Diamond Mountain White Euphorbia

At Capacity: White/Purple Bicolor Torenia, Violet Torenia, Pink Double Impatiens