Where can I find Black Raspberries in Indianapolis area?

Where can I find Black Raspberries in Indianapolis area?

Black Raspberries are a much sought after summer treat.  They are popular for eating fresh, making jam, and our favorite…making black raspberry pie.  Grandma Virginia Tuttle said hands down Black Raspberry Pie was the best pie there was.

Black Raspberries are smaller then blackberries, very delicate, and have a great flavor.  Some people grew up picking them on fence rows in places where they grew wild.  In more recent years, it has become a lot more difficult to find black raspberries.  Wild black raspberries are not as plentiful as they once were and black raspberries have a very fragile and have a  short shelf life after they are picked so they are not available in traditional grocery stores.

There are a few places in Indianapolis area where you can find Black Raspberries.

indiana black raspberriesPick your own Black Raspberries are available at Spencer Farm in Noblesville, IN. Black raspberry season is typically from mid June through early July.  Be sure to call them first or check their website or Facebook for hours and updates on crop availability.frozen indiana black rasbperries

If it’s not Black Raspberry season, you can find frozen black raspberries at the Tuttle’s Farm Store.  The frozen berries come in 2.5lb bags are great for making jam or pies.  Tuttle’s Farm Store is located just east of Indianapolis.  Tuttle’s Farm Store also sells Black Raspberry Preserves as well.

Fresh black raspberries are also occasionally available from Tuttle’s Farm store for pre-order during the summer months.   Joining our special black raspberry email list is the best way to know if this happens.

Know other places where you can get Black Raspberries in the Indianapolis area?  Please let us know.