Plant Care

Articles and information about caring for the plants you buy at Tuttles.

  • Mike’s Tips for Growing Vegetable Garden in Indiana

    Mike’s Tips for Growing Vegetable Garden in Indiana
    It’s that time of year…time to plant our favorite veggies for the summer.  It’s been a strange season so far with all this rain…we’re all waiting on it to dry out and warm up a bit before we can get out in the garden, but hopefully by the […]

  • Which hanging basket do I choose?

    It’s Mother’s Day week, and there are lots of people walking through our greenhouses trying to choose hanging baskets.  Some for their moms, some for their houses.  I hear a lot, “You have so many nice ones, I don’t know what to choose.”  So…I thought I’d share a few tips on how to choose the […]

  • Demystifying Tomato Tag and Watering Tips for Tomatoes

    Demystifying the Tomato Tag
    When you do go to buy your tomatoes, you encounter those tomato plant tags. What in the world do all those things on the tag mean anyways? Let’s look at a plant tag together. Generally, at the top of the tag it will have the variety name. For example, the tag I […]

  • Indiana Vegetable Gardening Timeline

    Indiana Vegetable Gardening Timeline

    Vegetable Gardening has become quite popular in recent years. Here’s a time line for central Indiana for planting your vegetables:
    The earliest things you can plant in the garden.

    Peas: Plant seeds. There are several new good bush varieties or you will need some sort of trellis or stake for any vining variety. Harvest […]

  • Gerbera Daisies: Getting them to Rebloom

    Gerbera Daisies
    The secrets of getting them to rebloom.

    We have planted over 700 gerbera daisies in the greenhouse. These are always popular in the spring for planting in pots or Mother’s Day gifts. We get a lot of questions about growing them.

    Here are some of Mike’s tips for Gerberas:

    They like filtered light more than direct sunlight. […]