People love working at Tuttles!

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Want to work at a place where people love their job?

Why people tell us they love working at Tuttles:

Comments from former and current staff:

“Tuttle’s is a great place to work because everyone is so kind and happy. It’s awesome to work in a place where everyone is happy and takes pride in their work.”

“Tuttle’s was the most fun job I’ve ever had”

“Working at Tuttles taught me how important customer service can be and how to properly use it. I made so many friends that I know I’ll have connections with for a long time and I’m so glad I was able to be apart of it!”

“Working at Tuttle’s gives me the tools for the desire to work hard and do my best. Every year I leave with memories I will always cherish and I can’t wait for the next season. Tuttle’s will always be my favorite job”

“Working at Tuttle’s is a great experience no matter what your age is. It is like being a part of a family all learning to work together.”

“I get asked at least once a week by a customer if I am “a Tuttle” meaning does my family own the orchard. No, my family doesn’t own Tuttle Orchard, but the thing is, when you work at Tuttles, you feel like you are a part of the family. I am proud to work at Tuttles and proud of being a part of so many families’ Fall memories!”

“Working at Tuttles is like making holiday memories with family and friends. You want to work when you are enjoying what you do and all the benefits you receive.”

We often hear from our fall staff at the end of the season:

“This is the funnest job I’ve ever had…and the job where I’ve worked the hardest.”

Looking for a fun, seasonal job?

Every fall Tuttles hires a crew of people to help with the fall season.  We being the process of hiring this crew in mid-August during our interview days.  Fall positions run from early September through late October.

In 2021, we have a select number of summer positions available for July and August (with continuation into the fall season).

What you can expect working at Tuttles:

  • Fun, family friendly work environment (Tuttle’s guests are a great bunch to work for!)
  • Flexible, part time positions.
  • Sundays Off (We are also closed on Sundays providing staff an opportunity to spend the day with their families.)
  • Hard working, fast paced environment (we are a farm…so we believe in old fashioned hard work.  Days are busy and go fast.)
  • Competitive pay for retail environments.
  • Variety (there are a lot of things to be done at the orchard.  There’s a good chance you won’t be doing the same thing every day).
  • Outdoor environment.  Our employees tell us they love being so close to nature.  Many positions (although not all) are working outside.  This also means you’ll work in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures.

An Ideal Candidate for Tuttle’s Seasonal Crew (some positions have other requirements):

  • Positive attitude and good customer service skills.
  • Willingness to work hard.
  • Want to help people have fun at Tuttles!
  • Initiative.  Ability to see ways to help guests have a great experience and take proactive steps.
  • Willingness to work at a variety of tasks in any given day (we believe in cross training and multitasking).
  • Ability to do some lifting (…need to be able to lift crates of apples approx. 45lb)
  • Ability to stand and work in outside environments for extended periods.
  • Availability to work on Saturdays is important for many fall positions.
  • Be at least 16 years old (18 years old for a few positions).
  • If you are a high school student, it is ideal to be available to work Saturdays and during fall break (this is very important – we don’t have Sunday or evening positions, so students who have lots of Saturday school activities won’t find Tuttles to be a good fit for employment).
  • Be looking for a seasonal job.

Core Team Positions Available (Year Round Positions)

Education Coordinator (Part Time/Year Round):  This person will help to craft and oversee the educational programing at Tuttles throughout the year (including spring classes, summer classes and events, fall field trips and groups).

Job Description:  please click here to read the job description for this job.

Application (for Education Position Only):  this job has a different application then the seasonal positions.  Please apply here.

Summer Season Available Positions (July/Aug)

Produce Picking Crew (Start Date July, 8-4pm or 8-12pm shifts. Weekdays and/or Saturday)

6-8 positions:  3-5 days/week.  July & August.  Picking Corn, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Melons.

This position has both 8-4 or 8-Noon shifts.  Preference given to candidates who are available to work both July & August.

Sunflower & Play Area Crew (Start Date: approx. Aug 1 Daytime shifts.)

5 positions: Direct customers to the sunflower areas. Answer questions, wrap sunflowers, sell tickets, watch children in play area. Weekday and Saturday hours; part-time.

Cafe & Sweet Shop Crew (Start Date: July and/or August. Must be available for Summer and Fall for this position)

12 positions:  Help customers with sweet shop orders.  Prepare apple cider slushies, package caramel apples, donuts, etc. Weekday and Saturday hours.

Fall Season Available Positions (Sep/Oct)

Farm Store Crew (Mon-Sat 9AM-4PM or 4-7PM)

8 positions:  Assist customers in our farm store.  Offer samples.  Cashiers.  Prepare apples for sale. Stock shelves. Weekday and Saturday hours; part time.  Must be able to lift crates of apples.

Sunflower, Upick & Activities Crew (Weekday & Saturday positions)

15 positions: Direct customers to the appropriate apple and pumpkin u-pick areas. Answer questions, tally orders, receive tickets for play area, maze, hayrides, and restock items. Assist tour staff with school groups as needed. Weekday and Saturday hours; part-time.

Saturday Grill Crew (Saturdays)

15 positions:  Help prepare and sell items at Tuttle’s grill including corn on the cob, hot dogs, brats, etc.

Caramel Apple Chef (Weekdays)

2 positions:  Make some amazing caramel apples and help in the cafe.  How many can you dip an hour?  We’ll teach you the tips and tricks.

Cafe & Sweet Shop Crew (Weekday and Saturday)

12 positions:  Help customers with sweet shop orders.  Prepare apple cider slushies, package caramel apples, donuts, etc. Weekday and Saturday hours.

Afternoon Produce Picking/Washing Crew (Weekdays 4-7:30PM and Saturdays)

6-8 positions: Assist with picking and washing pumpkins and gourds. Sort apples for sale. Two afternoons a week (4-7:30) and Saturdays.

Apple Sorting/Cider Making Crew (Weekdays 8AM-2PM)

2 positions: Assist with washing and sorting apples for retail sale. Assist with production of cider including dumping apples, checking apples, and jugging cider.  This position involves lifting of 50 lbs of apples on a consistent basis. Weekdays; can be full or part time for Sep/Oct. ICE students wanting to work 7-10 AM hours can apply for this position.

Saturday Parking Crew

5 positions: Assist with directing cars on Saturdays. Must be over 18 years old for this position.

Saturday Hospitality Crew

5 positions: Welcome people, give out samples, answer questions. Saturdays Only.

Donut Crew

10-12 positions: help make some really good donuts.  Weekday & Saturday morning hours.

Early AM or Evening Stocking Crew (M/Th 6-9AM or Tu/Fri 6-9PM)

4-6 positions:  Help restock shelves in farm store. Weekday mornings 6-9 AM or weekday evenings 6-9 PM.

Floater/Grounds (Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM)

1-2 positions:  keep greenhouses and eating areas looking good.  Assist guests.  Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM or Saturdays

Hayride Driver

5 positions: Drive tractor with trailer to pumpkin patch.  Prior experience with manual & hydrostatic tractors is a plus.  Strong safety consciousness. Must be 18 years or older for this position. Weekday mornings or weekday afternoons and Saturdays.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application here.   Someone from our office will contact you about attending an interview.
  2. Attend an interview day (we will notify you by email about date) – we’ll chat for about 5 minutes about why you want to work at Tuttles and what areas you are interested in working.
  3. We’ll contact your references via email, and invite candidates we feel are a good fit to join us for a group interview time where we will talk more about what working at Tuttles is like and have fun doing some activities together.

2021 Interviews:  please complete the application and we will contact you by email to schedule an interview.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there jobs available during other times of the year?

We hire almost all of our staff in the fall season.  Part time positions available for holiday, spring, and summer seasons are filled from fall staff from the previous seasons who demonstrate aptitude and are a good fit with the Tuttle’s culture.  If you have a desire to work at Tuttles in other seasons, we suggest you join us for a fall season to see if Tuttles might be a good fit for you.

What if I am not available to attend the interview days?

If you are not able to come during the above listed times, you may come by the farm store before that time to leave your application.  It is important to bring your application the week before the interview days.  Do not wait until after those dates.  Do NOT send applications or resumes by email or fax.   Priority will be given to applicants who apply during the above dates.  Additional applications will be considered if openings are still available after that time.

I have applied for a fall position, when will I hear back?

Because of the large number of applicants we typically receive, Tuttles will only contact those applicants who have been invited to a  second interview.  You should expect to hear something by Labor Day at the latest if you are being considered.  We often have way more applicants than we can accommodate – we told you people like this place and want to work here!

I don’t know a lot about apples, does Tuttles provide training?

Yes, we provide several training to our seasonal staff including Orientation, Guest Interaction Training, and “Apple School” where you will become an expert in all things apple.  Tour guides will receive several days of extensive training to prepare them for leading groups through the orchard.  Paid training is required to work at Tuttles.

I have applied for a position in the past, should I apply again?

We often have more qualified applicants then we can hire so if you have applied in the past and were not called for a position and would still like to work at Tuttles, please feel free to apply again.  There are often occasions where people apply the first year and do not receive a position, but do the second.  Keep in mind that Saturday availability is important for many positions.

I have worked at Tuttles in the past, should I reapply?

If you have worked at Tuttles in a past season and have received an invitation to reapply at the end of your season,  please contact Ruth Ann in mid-July or before or during the interview days.  It is important to contact us by early August if you are interested in returning.  Please note:  Tuttles reevaluates all positions each year.  Employment in the past does not guarantee employment in future seasons.  However, many Tuttles employees return year after year to the fall season.

How long will these positions last?

Typically fall positions run from early September to the later part of October.

How old do I need to be to apply?

You must be 16 years old to work at Tuttles.

Can I just come as a volunteer?

Due to lots of legal and insurance stuff, we can’t allow volunteers, but many of those who work in the fall enjoy part time positions … they feel like it’s being a paid volunteer it’s so fun!

I am a high school student, do you have positions that will work with my school hours?

Most of our high school students work two weekday afternoons from 4-7:30PM and every Saturday.  Also students often work approx 30 hours a week over their fall break (for those who have full week breaks).  For students who have Saturday availability, Tuttles is a great fit!  If you are involved in lots of Saturday school activities, Tuttles is not a good fit for employment as we do not offer Sunday or evening hours.  Availability over fall break is also an important consideration for us in evaluating applicants as that is a very busy time here at the orchard.