FAQ’s for fall season:

Are reservations required for Saturdays?  For Saturdays from Sep 19-October 24, online reservations are required for visit the orchard.

Where do I make reservations?  You can make them on our website.  The link will be listed on our Reservations Page each Tuesday for the coming Saturday.

What day is the busiest to visit?  Saturdays are the busiest day to visit.  We are requiring reservations to keep the crowds to a manageable level, but these will still be the busiest days to visit.  If you are looking for a quieter environment, we strongly recommend coming on a weekday.  Fridays are the busiest weekdays.  Monday-Wednesday mornings from 9-11am are typically slower for those wanting to just shop in the Farm Store.

Can I make reservations over the phone?  While we encourage everyone to book through the reservation page on our website,  reservation staff is available on weekdays from 9-4 to take reservations over the phone if you have difficulty.  You can speak with someone during these times and make payment over the phone or you can leave a message on the reservations voicemail and we will call you back.  You can also reach us via email at reservations@tuttleorchards.com

Why are you requiring reservations for Saturdays this fall?  In order to ensure that we are not exceeding the capacity of people that we can reasonably accommodate; we are requiring reservations for Saturdays as those tend to be the busiest days.  We hope this will provide everyone with an opportunity to visit the orchard in a safer environment.

Do I need reservations to come shop in the Farm Store or the Café or at the Grill on Saturdays?  Yes.  You will make a reservation no matter what part of the farm you want to visit.  Reservations will be $8/adult and free for children 15 and under.  That $8 includes a voucher that is good for one large pumpkin ($8 value), one ¼ bag of apples ($8 value) or $8 off a transaction in another area of the farm like Grill, Café, or Farm Store.  The voucher must be used the same day of the visit all in one transaction (i.e. you cannot use $3 in Café and $5 in Farm Store.)

I thought you did not charge admission to Tuttles?  There is no admission charge.  The reservation is just pre-payment towards your visit to Tuttles in order to hold your spot so that you can be sure there is space for you before you make the trip.

Do I need a reservation for my infant?  Yes.  All individuals need a reservation, but children 15 and under are free as long as there is a paid adult

What if we want to purchase additional pumpkins or apples?  No problem, the reservation just includes a voucher that can be used for one large pumpkin or ¼ peck of u-pick apples.  You may pick additional items as you wish.

If the reservations are full for a certain day does that mean you are fully booked?  Yes.  We are full for that day and cannot take any more reservations for that Saturday.  However, you can visit on a day where reservations are not required (weekdays at this time) or make reservations for the following Saturday.

Can I just come on a Saturday if I don’t have a reservation?  You can always check our website on the day of to see if any reservations are remaining and make a reservation just before coming.  However, if we are at capacity on the farm we will not be able to allow guests to park or enter the farm who don’t have reservations.

Are reservations required for weekdays? As of September 1, we do not plan to require reservations for weekdays unless we find that the number of guests visiting on weekdays is too high.  There is a possibility that reservations in October will be needed for weekdays as the season gets busier.  PLEASE check our website before coming for the most up to date information.

When can I make reservations?  Saturday reservations will open each Tuesday for that coming Saturday. We are not accepting reservations more than one week in advance as in this ever-changing world adjustments may need to be made from week to week.  Reservations for Saturday, Sep 19 will open on Tuesday, Sep 15.

What if I want to make a reservation for a specific day in October?  Saturday reservations will open each Tuesday for that coming Saturday. We are not accepting reservations more than one week in advance as in this ever-changing world adjustments may need to be made from week to week.  However, you can go online and book your reservation on the Tuesday before you would like to visit.

What if I want to come with a group?  You can go online and book reservations to come on that Saturday.  You can have one person make all the reservations for the group or each member make their own reservations and check in individually.  If the reservations are made together by one person, than only one person with the ticket can redeem the reservations for the vouchers and then they can distribute the vouchers to the members of their group.  If each person would like to pay separately and check in separately, then please make separate reservations online.

Do I need to print my reservations before coming?  You can print the reservation or you can show the QR code at the reservation check in tent on your phone when you arrive.  We can look up your reservation by name but ID may be required to get your vouchers if you do not have the reservations on your phone or printed.

My friends have reservations for Saturday and we want to come with them?  If there are reservations still available for around the same time then we recommend you choose the closest entry time available and make reservations for that time.  If there are no reservations left at all for that day, then we are not able to accommodate more guests on that day.

What is the cost for a reservation? Adult (ages 16 and up) will cost $8 which includes a voucher that can be used for ¼ peck of apples (in September while supplies last) or a large pumpkin (in October) or for $8 off any one purchase in the Grill, Café, or Farm Store.  Children (under 15 and under) will require reservations, but they will be no charge with an accompanying adult.

I made a reservation and need to change my reservation:  You may contact reservations@tuttleorchards.com to make changes.  There are absolutely NO REFUNDS given for reservations because your reservation is holding a place that someone else would want to have.  If you are unable to come and need to change your reservation, you MUST contact a member of our reservation department by Thursday at midnight for that coming Saturday.  No refunds will be given; however, if you contact us on Wednesday or Thursday of that week, we can move the reservation to a later Saturday.  There will be NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULES for those who are unable to visit and did not contact us in advance as that reservation prevented someone else from being able to visit.

What if we make reservations and are quarantined due to COVID or ill?  If you are quarantined due to COVID or are ill with any of the COVID symptoms, please DO NOT visit the farm.  Please contact us and we will be happy to move your reservation to another Saturday.  We ask that you contact us in advance so that we are able to open that spot for another guest to visit.  The reservations department can be reached at 317-326-2278 or reservations@tuttleorchards.com

What about weather?  Tuttles will be open in ALL WEATHER.  We are an outdoor venue and believe that fun can be had in all types of weather. In the event of lightning the outdoor areas of the farm will be temporarily closed until the storm passes and then we will resume normal activity.  Indoor areas will always remain open.    Absolutely NO weather-related refunds, cancellations, or reschedules will be given for rain, mud, snow, wind or cold weather.  Please keep in mind when you are making reservations that you are visiting an outdoor venue, and we cannot control the weather.  We also encourage you to dress appropriately.  We believe fun can be had in all types of weather.

We heard you don’t have as many apples this year, how do I know if we will be able to pick apples?  It is true that there was a freeze in May (not COVID related we promise) which means there are less apples on the trees this year.  We are opening both our regular upick orchard and our new orchard for picking this year (new orchard is a bit of a walk…up to a 1/4 to 1/2 mile…but there are apples to be picked) .  We anticipate having apples for picking for a couple weeks – the end of September.  We cannot predict exactly how long the apples will be available for picking, but you are welcome to search for apples.  We will also have pumpkin picking available starting September 26th as well as apples available in the Farm Store.  We will keep our website updated each day to let you know the status of apple picking as things go through the season.  This is another reason we are not taking reservations more than one week in advance.  This allows you to check the website for updates on picking before making reservations.

What do we do when we arrive at the Farm?  You will check into one of the reservation check in tents to collect your vouchers.  You can then explore the farm like you always have.  You only need to check in once.  After that you can go to any areas of the farm.

When does pumpkin patch open?  Sep 26

Can I buy tickets for Tractor Town in advance?  No, tickets for Tractor Town will be sold the day of at the Red Barn in the upick area.  Timed entry will be used to insure the areas is kept at a comfortable capacity of guests.

How long can I stay at the orchard?  The ticket is for an entry time.  No exit time is given except for our closing time of 7pm.

We want to bring a group to eat?  You will just have each group member make reservations online if you wish to come on a Saturday.  Each member will order their own food through the line and use their voucher and then pay for the remaining cost of the meal.  Just keep in mind we are limiting tables to 6 individuals per table so larger groups must use more than one table.  We will have host/hostesses, in the greenhouse and tent areas to assign people to tables as they become available in groups of 6 or less.  We will have seating areas under tents and in greenhouse, but no indoor seating is available.  Tables must be spaced 6 feet apart for distance and cannot be moved together for larger groups.

May I schedule a tour group for 2020?  Contact tours@tuttleorchards.com or 317-498-1009 for information about field trips.  You may check the website for updated tour information for 2020.

Is there going to be a homeschool day this year?  No, but there are multiple days for home school tours.  Check the website to make reservations or call 317-498-1009

Are you hosting Birthday Parties?  We are not hosting birthday parties in 2020.

Can we bring outside food?  No outside food is permitted at the orchard.

What is your pet policy? Due to agricultural food safety regulations, NO PETS are permitted.  The ONLY exception is ADA service animals.  Per ADA, emotional support dogs are not permitted.  Thanks for your understanding.  This policy is necessary to maintain our food safety certifications.

Are masks required?  Masks are required in indoor buildings, retail tents (like the Farm Store and Cafe tent) and outdoors if social distancing is not possible.