Tuttle’s grows a nice selection of watermelon including:

  • Red Seeded:  larger, good sweet flavor
  • Red Seedless:  smaller, good flavor, last to ripen.
  • Yellow Doll Watermelons:  personal size very sweet watermelons with yellow flesh.  If you haven’t tried them you should.
  • Orange Watermelon: a novelty.

Our watermelons are hand harvested at the peak of ripeness so you always get a good flavor.  We also have a melon guarantee:  if you get a Tuttle’s watermelon that’s not ripe in our store…we’ll replace it for free!  We don’t have to use it very often, but you know you can always be sure you’ll get a good melon.

Availability: Our own watermelon ripen in late July (for yellow) and early August (for Red and Orange)  They are typically available through Labor Day.  For July, we offer some great tasting Southern Indiana Watermelon in our farm store.


Tuttle’s Grown Watermelon