FAQ: Where do I get Local Honey in Indianapolis?

Are you looking for honey from local Indiana honey farms?

We source honey from several different Indiana Honey Farms in our farm store.  These farms include:

Brendle Honey:  Brendle has bee hives in Hancock County and the surrounding counties.  Their honey packing center is located in Fortville so all of their honey is super local and super yummy!  Some of our the products we have from Bendle Honey include:

  • Local Indiana honey in 1lb, 2lb, 5lb containers.
  • Local Indiana Raw Honey in 22oz and 5lb containers.
  • Local Indiana Cream Honey
  • Local Indiana Bee Pollen

Clover Blossom Honey:  this honey farm is located near Lafayette, Indiana.  They are the honey farm that supplies us with whole pallets of bee hives during pollination time to pollinate our apple trees.  We’ve been working with Clover Blossom Honey for many years.  They also supply us with honey in the Farm Store during the summer months.  Their products include:

  • Indiana Honey in 1lb., 2lb, Honey Bear containers.

Hunter Honey Farm:  Hunter Honey Farm is a large honey farm located near Martinsville, Indiana.  They are experts in all things honey and bees and offer tours at their location.  They also make some great products with their honey.  Products we carry from Hunter Honey Farm include:

  • Old Fashion Spun Honey – a variety of flavors
  • Honey treats:  honey baklava, honey fruit roll ups, and others.
  • Bee Pollen

Laney Honey Farm:  Laney honey farm is located in Northern Indiana.  They provide us with honey from lots of different type blossoms.  Did you know that honey tastes different depending on what flowers the bees harvest nectar from?  Laney’s offers an assortment of different honey blossom varieties.  They also have some great honey products including:

  • Assorted Honeys including: Basswood, Orange Blossom, Blueberry Blossom, Cranberry Blossom, Buckwheat, and others.
  • Whipped Honey in assorted flavors.
  • Beeswax bars for hands.

If you are looking for honey products in central Indiana – you can most likely find what you are looking for at our farm store.  We are located just east of Indianapolis.  Find directions and hours here.