Indianapolis Sunflower Trail

Sunflower Trail at Tuttles

{Opening for Season Tuesday, Aug 20}

Tuttle’s is very excited to be offering a sunflower trail again this year!

The sunflower trail is about three acres of sunflowers…with a path for you to find your way through.

There is also an area for cut your own sunflowers (while supplies last).

The dates for the 2019 Sunflower Trail are: 

  • Tuesday, August 20 (opening day) 9am-6pm (Sunflowers & Tractor Town) This day it will just be beginning to open for some flowers. Not full bloom yet.
  • Wednesday, August 21 9am-6pm (Sunflowers & Tractor Town)
  • Thursday, August 22 9am-7pm (Sunflowers & Tractor Town)
  • Friday, August 23 9am to 6pm (Sunflowers & Tractor Town)
  • Saturday, August 24 9am to 6pm (Tractor Town, hayrides and apple picking this day as well) May be in peak bloom by here.
  • Monday, August 26 9am to 6pm (w/ Apple Picking & Tractor Town) Playdate Special for tickets Mon-Thur this week. More info here.
  • Tuesday, August 27 9am to 6pm (w/ Apple Picking & Tractor Town)
  • Wednesday, August 28 9am to 6pm (w/ Apple Picking & Tractor Town)
  • Thursday, August 29 9am to 7pm (w/ Apple Picking & Tractor Town)
  • Friday, August 30 9am to 6pm  (w/ Apple Picking & Tractor Town)
  • Saturday, August 31 9am to 6pm (w/ Apple Picking, Tractor Town, Hayrides 10-5)
  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day- w/ Apple Picking, Tractor Town, Hayrides 10-5) ) 9am to 6pm)
  • Tuesday, September 3
  • Wednesday, September 4th (still in bloom)
  • Thursday, Sep 5th (still in bloom)
  • Friday, Sep 6th (may be the last day…)

The sunflower trail will most likely be DONE BLOOMING around September 3rd.  It WILL NOT BE OPEN during the whole fall season!

VERY IMPORTANT:  The sunflower trail is ONLY open during these times.  It is NOT OPEN any other times.  

Admission & Cost:

  • Admission to the sunflower trail and upick sunflower area is $5/person (child and adult).  Kids one and under are free. 
  • Check out the special playdate discount for August  26-29. Must pre-purchase tickets online. Click here for info.
  • Paid admission to the sunflower trail is required in order to purchase cut your own sunflowers. Cut your own sunflowers are not included in price of admission.  If you wish to cut a sunflower to take home, they are $3/flower head.  No cutting is allowed in a trail area, there is a separate patch for cutting. 
  • Tractor Town Kids Area will also be open.  Price is $5/child
  • Narrated Tractor Rides will be offered ONLY on these days while the sunflower trail is open:  August 24, August 31, Sep 2 (10am 5pm) 
  • If desired, a Combo Pass will be available for purchase for $10 and includes sunflower trail, kid’s area, and narrated tractor rides. 
  • Pick your own apples will be opening on Saturday, August 24th with Early Blaze as the only variety open for picking (other varieties are not ripe until Sep 7th and after).  Choose from $7, $15, or $25 bag.  While supplies last.  Will be open from August 24-September 3 if supply of Early Blaze apples lasts that long.  Additional varieties of upick apples will be available as they ripen later in September.


Visit our Farm Store for lots of summer produce grown right here at the orchard including our award winning sweet corn.  We also have produce and items from local farms and artisans.

Visit our Cafe for lunch made with produce grown right here at the orchard.  We believe in fresh local ingredients, and a great farm experience.  See menu here (changes weekly).


  • In the event that we get a lot of heavy rain the sunflower field can be muddy.
  • The sunflower trail is in an agricultural field.  The ground can be uneven in places.  There can also be mud if it has rained a lot. The paths are narrow and are not suitable for strollers.  Bees and other insects also love sunflowers so it is normal to have insects in the sunflower field as well…typically the bees are more interested in the flowers than the people…but those with severe bee allergies should be aware that there will be bees present.
  • The trail will be CLOSED if any RAIN (even light rain) or lightning.
  • No outside food is permitted at the farm but check out our Farm to Table Cafe for lunch.  They also have our famous apple cider slushies to enjoy.
  • For your safety, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY into the sunflower trail area (even just for photos) during any times that the trail is not open.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.
  • NO PETS are permitted in the sunflower trail area or in any growing areas on the farm.  This area is considered a food production area by the USDA and no pets are permitted due to food safety regulations.
  • We’ve had lots of questions from professional photographers.  Yes, you are welcome to take photos, however, photos can be taken in the maze ONLY by those who have PAID ADMISSION and ONLY during the hours the maze is OPEN.  Photographers MUST also comply with policies listed in our photo policy….please read this for more info:  
U Cut Sunflowers
Upick Sunflower