Photographer Policy

Many photographers and families find Tuttle’s to be a popular spot for taking their family photos.

To provide everyone with a positive, safe experience, these are our guidelines for photographers.

1. Novice and Professional photographers are welcome to take nature/family photos in areas that are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. During u-pick season, you are welcome to take photos in the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, etc. when those areas are open.  During the time of year when u-pick is not open, these areas are NOT open to photos.  Admission must be paid to any areas that have an admission cost in order to take photos in that area.  Special permission must be obtained to enter areas of the farm that are not currently open to the public – this is for your safety.

During spring apple blossom, the orchard is not open to the public due to the honey bees and working in the orchard.  Photo sessions are not permitted in the orchard during the spring season.

The sunflower trail is open on specific days for a couple weeks in August.  Click here for dates.  Advanced Admission TIMED TICKETS ARE required in 2020 due to COVID.  Photos are allowed ONLY during your specific purchased time ticket.   ABSOLUTELY no photos or admission to the sunflower field area are permitted except for times the sunflowers are open.  We do our best to predict the bloom time but things can change from day to day as sunflowers are a very unpredictable agricultural crop so please stay posted to our Facebook and Website for any changes.  EVERY PERSON PARTICIPATING IN PHOTO SHOOT MUST HAVE AN ADVANCED PAID TICKET purchased online in advance.  NO ON SITE TICKETS ARE ALLOWED.  Please keep in mind that due to social distancing requirements there is a one way path through the trail and guests will need to keep walking through the staging a photo in the midst of the trail with equipment is not appropriate.  Only “take as you walk” type photos are permitted.

The apple orchard is closed to the public from Nov 1 until Sep 1 of next year.  NO photos are permitted in orchard during that time.

2. Photographers are welcome to take photos during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. Because of insurance considerations, absolutely no photos are allowed while we are closed.  Please, please be courteous to our staff and be COMPLETELY finished with your photos by closing time.  Failure to comply with this policy puts this policy at risk for all photographers who visit the orchard.  We are happy to have you take pictures, but please please please be finished by the time we close.  This continues to be our biggest challenge with allowing photo sessions at the orchard – so please respect the closing time – or we will have to discontinue the option of allowing photo sessions for everyone – and we don’t want to have to do that.

3. We ask that photographers be courteous to other customers and avoid equipment or setups that might hinder others from picking, walking through the orchard, walking through the mazes, etc.  Props, equipment that cannot be carried easily in hand, multiple clothes changes on site are not appropriate as these can interfere with activity of others Tuttle’s guests.  Props, large light shades, ladders, furniture etc are not permitted.  Using Tuttle’s restrooms for clothes changes is not permitted as it occupies the restrooms that guests are needing to use.

Tuttle’s reserves the right to ask photographers end a session if they or their equipment is interfering with guest activity.  In the sunflower trail, it is not appropriate to stage a photo along the trail as this blocks other guests from passing.  A quick snapshot while you are walking is fine….spending several minutes in one area and blocking others from passing is not OK.  Please avoid bringing any sort of equipment or props that would in ANY way disrupt other guests.  Photos shoots in the Farm Store or Cafe are not permitted as there is limited amount of space…and staging photos while people are trying to shop interferes with other guests need to navigate the store.

4.  Please respect the natural environment and the food we are growing.  Any items that are picked MUST be paid for.  Filling wagons with apples for photos and leaving them in the orchard is wasteful NOT OK.  We also ask that you please supervise children and insure they are not injuring trees, plants, and items that are growing in any way.  After all…we are a farm first…we want to honor and respect the land and the food we are growing.  Please help us do that.

5.  Absolutely NO PETS are permitted on the orchard for photos.

6.  All photos should be family friendly in nature.

7. If you are taking commercial photography/video that will be used for advertising or mass media purposes, please contact us first for permission/appointment. Members of the press are welcome to take photos, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

8. Have fun! Enjoy the farm. We hope you make lots of fun family memories.