Produce for Canning and Freezing Information


Information about Indiana Produce for Canning and Freezing for 2020

Tuttle’s offers a great selection of summer Indiana produce for canning and freezing.  Here is an overview of what we offer including what we think is the best Indiana sweet corn for freezing.  Please keep in mind that this information can change daily.  Pricing and availability is subject to change.

Tuttle Orchard has the Best Indiana Sweet Corn for Freezing!

We know you love Tuttle’s sweet corn…we think it’s some of the best sweet corn in Indiana.  We offer bushels of sweet corn for freezing so you can enjoy it all winter long.  Our BIG GREEN BAGS (Bushel/48 ears) are picked fresh just for your order.  Sweet corn is typically best for freezing in late July and August.  We have both bicolor and white corn available depending on the day.  Corn is NON-GMO.  Cost of Sweet Corn is $20/bushel

Order online:  Online orders must be placed by 5PM the day before pickup.

Website Pre-orders coming soon!


OR call our Farm Store at 317-326-2278.  Phone orders must be placed by 4PM the day before pickup.

All Sweet Corn orders are PICKED FRESH so they can be picked up AFTER 10AM on pickup day!


Green Beans for Freezing or Canning

Indiana Blue Lake Green Beans by Bushel for FreezingTuttle’s grows Blue Lake Espada Green Beans.  They are stringless beans.  Great for freezing or canning.  Green beans are available pre-picked only.  We no longer have upick green beans.

Pre-picked green beans:  Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis.  There is limited availability so be sure to order early.    Pre-picked green beans are $24/half bushel or $48/bushel.  Our bushels are by volume.

To be added to the list please enter your information and desired quantity here.  Once it becomes available someone from the Farm Store will contact you about pick up and payment.

What you need to know about Online Orders for Green Beans:

  • Availability is updated about one week before pickup dates so check back if the date you want does not have any availability listed yet.
  • Green bean orders must be placed two days before you’d like to pick them up.  If you’d like to order for today or tomorrow, please call our farm store to check on availability.

Pickling Cucumbers

Indianapolis Cucumbers for Making PicklesWanting to make pickles?  We offer small cucumbers for pickles in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  These are general sizes…they vary by the day in size and availability.  We offer cucumbers in three different size containers: 1/4 peck bag, peck box, half bushel.

Small:  approx 2 – 2 1/2 to 4 inches in size

1/4 peck bag $9.95, Peck box $16.95, Half Bushel $28.95

Medium: up to 5 inches in length

1/4 peck bag $7.95, Peck box $15.95, Half Bushel $25.95

Large: more than 5 inches in length

1/4 peck bag $5.95, Peck box $11.95, Half Bushel $18.95

Pickling cucumber orders are filled on an as available basis.  To place an order please fill out this form or call our farm store 317-326-2278.  Please be advised of varied availability.

Do we carry dill?  Yes, in mid July we typically get dill for making pickles.

Canning Tomatoes

Indianapolis Canning TomatoesTuttle’s offers “Seconds” or Slightly Imperfect tomatoes for canning, salsa, juice.  These tomatoes are available in peck box ($20) or half bushel ($25).  We accept and fill orders beginning in early July, but fill most orders in mid to late August.

We grow a several different varieties of tomatoes including Sauce Master and Celebrity.  If you do not specify, orders will be filled with traditional red medium sized tomatoes.

To order your canning tomatoes please fill out this form and we will contact you when they are available. Or call our farm store at 317-326-2278.


We offer 5lb and 2lb boxes of blueberries for order to pick up.  This year we are offering a variety of pick up days in July to allow for the safest and most convenient pre-order and pick up experience. Since we will not be having a Blueberry Festival Day this year, we have put together a box of our favorite Blueberry Things which can be added  to your blueberry pre-order or purchased separately.

The “Our Favorite Things: Blueberry Box” ($29.95) includes:

  • 6 Pack of Tuttle’s Blueberry Donuts
  • Tuttle’s Blueberry Syrup
  • Tuttle’s Blueberry Balsamic Salad Dressing
  • Blueberry Lemon Dip Mix
  • Terrapin Ridge Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam
  • Half pound of Tuttle’s Blueberry Cheesecake Fudge

WHEN PRE-ORDERING BLUEBERRIES: Be sure to select the date you’d like to pick up on the calendar (available dates will appear green), and you must select either “yes” or “no” when asked under the calendar if you would like to add the Favorite Things box to your order.

Pre-Order 5 lb Box of Blueberries here.

Pre-Order 2lb Boxes of Blueberries here.

Pre-order Our Favorite Blueberry Things Box here. 

Tart Cherries- 10lb Tub

Pre-Ordering for the 10lb tubs of tart cherries for pick up Mid-July is now open. Pre-ordering can be done and more information can be found here.

South Carolina Freestone Peaches

We have very nice South Carolina Freestone peaches in July & August.  We typically have pecks and half bushels available daily in our farm store.  You can also pre-order for pickup on Peach Saturday, July 21.  More info coming soon about peaches.

Picking Apples in Orchard

Lodi Apple Harvest

Lodi Apples

The applesauce apples.  These apples are a tart soft apple known for making great applesauce.   For 2020 we do not have a crop of our own, but we are working to get some from Michigan mid-July.