Pre-Order Blueberries:

Order 5lb boxes of blueberries for pickup on Saturday, July 20th or Saturday, July 27th.  Blueberry Day activities this year are happening on Saturday, July 27th.

Pre-Order Peaches (order by 5pm for pickup the next day):

We have southern freestone peaches available in 2lb, 4lb, and 6lb quantities in the Farm Store.  For those who want to pick up a peck box or half bushel, you can pre-order online here for pickup on date in July or Early August.  We strongly suggest that you do not wait until peach day in August to pick up peaches this year.

Pre-Order Bushels Green Beans (Opens July..will say sold out til then):

This year we anticipate green beans to be ready for ordering by the bushel in mid July.  Ordering will open in early July when we know availability.

Pre-Order Black Raspberries:

Black Raspberries are typically available for a limited window in early July.  We will update availability and allow ordering the week before they become available.  If it says sold out, you may need to check back as ordering will not open until a few days before available.  Or sign up for black raspberry email list to be notified when black raspberry ordering opens.  

Email List to be Notified when Black Raspberry Ordering Opens
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    Black Raspberries Pint (pre-order)


Pre-Order Canning Tomatoes:

Canning tomatoes are available once the field tomatoes begin to ripen in mid August and early September.  Pre-orders for canning tomatoes are handled via an online form where you let us know when you would be able to come and how many you need.  Then we will notify you when your order has been picked.  We cannot guarantee specific dates for tomato availability because of weather and harvest variations.  Click below to complete form for canning tomatoes.

Canning Tomato Order Form

Pre-Order Pickles:

Pickles will be available this year we think from mid July to early August.  If interested, pickles for canning, please click below for pricing and order form.

Pickles Order Form

Pre-Order Bushels Sweet Corn (Opens Mid July..will say sold out til then):

This year we anticipate sweet corn to be ready for ordering by the bushel the last week of July.  Please note…quantities are updated about a week before once we know what will be ripe…so sold out…may mean it’s just not updated yet for the year.  Check back for updates.

Email List to be Notified with Sweet Corn Updates

Summer Tote Program Sign Ups (Open Feb 1)

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    Large Produce Tote Weekly {Late Sign Up: July 11-Sep 5}

  • Monthly Sampler Tote {Late Sign up July/Aug Only}

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    Small Produce Tote {Late Enrollment: July 11-Sep 5 ONLY}


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