Pre-Order Tart Cherries 10lb Tub for Pickup Mid-July

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  • 10lb tub of Tart Cherries.
  • From near Traverse City, Michigan
  • Pitted
  • Packed in their own juice (no water or preservatives added)
  • Cooled to keep fresh, but not frozen.
  • Best price for tart cherries all season at Tuttles.
  • Each tub of cherries makes approx 4 pies. Recipe for cherry pie filling here.
  • You can also use the juice to make jelly if desired.
  • Cherries need to be used or frozen within a couple days after receiving since there are no preservatives.
  • You must pre-order by Wednesday, July 1st  


As of early June, we believe the pickup will be sometime around July 15-18, but this could change due to crop.  You will receive an email in early July letting you know what pickup times are available (or to sign up for a time over a couple days).  There will be a period of about three days for you to pick up your cherries.  If you are not able to come during that period, the cherries will be frozen and you can pick up the next week.  No refunds are given on cherries not picked up.

PICKUP LOCATION:  Pickup is located in the building across from the farm store at 5717 N 300 W, Greenfield, IN 46140.  Located near McCordsville.

LOVE CHERRIES?  Add a Cherry Lovers Box to your order with all our favorite cherry items. 

Box includes:  

  • 6 Pack of Tuttle’s Cherry Donuts
  • Seaquist Orchard Chopped Cherry Jam
  • Seaquist Orchard Medium Cherry Salsa
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Dip Mix
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries from Shoreline Fruit 6oz Bag
  • Half Pound of Tuttle’s Cherry Cordial Fudge (Chocolate Covered Cherry)

The cost of the box is $29.95 (this is cheaper than if you bought the items individually) and can be picked up with your tart cherry order (Dates will be sent once tart cherry harvest day is decided).

Important Note:  as we are all very much aware this year there are things in life that are outside our control including weather, crop failures, and other restrictions that may be put in place due to COVID.  While we are making the best plan we can right now, if something must change we will contact you via email.  Should a crop not be available for reasons beyond our control we will provide you with a refund.

8 reviews for Pre-Order Tart Cherries 10lb Tub for Pickup Mid-July

  1. gcsimons (verified owner)

    This was the first time i purchased anything from Tuttle Orchard, but had heard positive comments it. I read on FB about the fresh tart cherries. I ordered them and googled fresh tart cherries recipes. I chose one to bake a pie. It was quite tasty.
    When I was at the orchard, I mentioned I had never cooked with fresh cherries and asked if they had suggestions for recipes or hints for cooking and freezing them. The cashier said this was not something available there. Since I would have appreciated this (and I would think there might be others), a suggestion is to have something like this available in the store.

  2. enester487 (verified owner)

    What a great deal…already for canning or freezing or pie making. Reasonable! Delicious! I made 3 wonderful cherry pies. Froze the remaining in 2 (full nice cup) portions. I love my vacuum sealer….the only way to freeze anything. These cherries will look like and taste like fresh when they come out of freezer in mid-winter. Tuttle’s does a great job with this shipping process from my (home) state of Michigan…and I believe the cherries came from the orchard we picked at when we were at home…growing up with fresh cherries from Traverse City MI. If there is a rating of #10…Tuttle’s … you get an #11. Betty N (Indianapolis)

  3. apeters1969 (verified owner)

    The cherries were so delicious just eating them straight out of the container. It became a tug of war of how many my sister and I were going to can or eat. I plan on using mine for pies. My sister is a little more elaborate with her cooking. We plan on ordering more next year and adding to the order.

    The line to get the cherries was small. I was helped quickly. I appreciated the nice young man offering to help me out to the car with my order.

  4. bristeppe (verified owner)

    I have a family recipe for a Polish cherry liqueur called “Wiśniówka” (pronounced vish-nee-OHV-ka) and was very grateful to be able to receive fresh tart cherries from Tuttles to be able to make liqueur for my family. In the past, I have used frozen cherries but it leaves the liqueur tasting too sweet. With my 10lb order of cherries, I was able to make 7 quart-sized jars of Wiśniówka this year! When the liqueur is ready I use the leftover cherries to make a cherry jam that I put in Kolaczki cookies. Thank you for allowing my family to carry on the tradition my great-grandmother brought from Poland over 100 years ago!

  5. mark.atkinson6479 (verified owner)

    Great cherries! I made cherry jam, which has been very popular with those who’ve tried it.

  6. amy.j.robinson (verified owner)

    I made a cherry pie tonight, it was perfection! So glad to be able to get delicious, fresh, pitted sour cherries. I have enough for 5 more pies in the freezer. The amount of juice was just right, didn’t have to drain off any extra once they thawed. I also have a little bit of the cherry juice that remained after bagging the cherries, I add a bit of that to my homemade kombucha, but a friend also recommended it mixed with vodka over ice, yummy!

  7. alittle (verified owner)


  8. yawell (verified owner)

    Great process, wonderful cherries. I’ve never made a cherry pie in my life. But, I used these cherries, followed easy directions online, and my husband said it was the best cherry pie he’s ever had!

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