Pre-Order Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast Roast (Order by November 10)



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I understand that I am purchasing a turkey that is sold by weight. The price listed is NOT the full price, but an approx. 50% deposit of total price of turkey. The exact price will be based on the per pound price (see below) and the exact weight of your turkey. Although we do our best to get you a size close to the one you ordered, these are fresh turkeys and weight cannot be determined until after processing, so sizes shown are approximate and are not guaranteed. The remaining amount due will be due at time of pickup. Please know that all turkeys are pre-orders, and that no cancellations are allowed after November 10th. Turkeys can be picked up ONLY November 21, and November 23-25. All turkeys MUST be picked up Wednesday, November 25th by noon.
SPECIAL COVID NOTE: We believe that we will be able to get a good supply of turkeys, but this year there are many factors outside our control. Placing an order means we will do our best to get you a turkey, but there is a chance that availability could change and we would not be able to fill the turkey orders. If this happens, we will notify you as soon as possible and issue a refund. Please understand that we will do our very best to fill all orders, but there is a small chance that we will be unable to and you would need to look elsewhere for a turkey.

This is a turkey breast roast from Bowman Landes Turkey Farm. Birds arrive fresh never frozen. Cost is $7.60lb. These range between 4-10 lbs.

Turkeys are available by PRE-ORDER ONLY for pickup on the following days/times:

  • Saturday, November 21 9am-6pm
  • Monday, November 23 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday, November 24 9am-6pm
  • Wednesday, November 25 9am-Noon.

Turkeys are available by PRE-ORDER ONLY. 50% is due at time of order. Price listed is 50% deposit. The rest (approx. same amount paid at time of order) is due at time of pickup. Please order an approximate weight range for your turkey. Exact price will be determined based on weight of bird at time of pickup. Please NOTE that all sizes are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.  Because they are fresh birds, the exact weight is not known until they are processed.  We will do our very best to try to get you turkey close to requested size, but cannot guarantee it.



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