Pre-Order Whole Smoked Free Range Turkey (Order by November 12)


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This turkey is slowly smoked over hickory wood chips to give a rich flavor. Enjoy this already-cooked turkey cold or warm. This particular bird is fully cooked, but can be reheated. Birds arrive fresh never frozen. $6.29/lb.  Birds range from 9-13lbs.  We only find out weight of birds when they arrive to us…so we can’t determine weight in advance.

Turkeys are available by PRE-ORDER ONLY.  50% is due at time of order. Price listed is 50% deposit. The rest (approx same amount paid at time of order) is due at time of pickup. Exact price will be determined based on weight of bird at time of pickup. Please NOTE that all sizes are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.  Because they are fresh birds, the exact weight is not known until they are processed.  We will do our very best to try to get you turkey close to requested size, but cannot guarantee it.



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