Summer Weekly
Tote Program

weekly box of seasonal produce
late May - late August
Indy's summer CSA


Weekly box of produce from late May to late August.

2021 Summer Season Dates:  May 20, May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5, August 12, August 19 and August 26.

NOTE:  This is a 15 week program, you will only be charged for 14 weeks and everyone will receive a vacation week.  Please email by Tuesday at midnight the week that you are requesting as a vacation week.  If you do not request a vacation, you will not receive the last tote of the season on August 26th.

Want to eat more local, seasonal produce?

Want the best of Tuttle’s summer produce delivered closer to you?

that’s why we created…

Sold Out 2021

Tuttle’s Tote Program

Weekly Box of Seasonal Produce

Take the guess work out of knowing what the best tasting produce is each month of the year. With over 80 years experience growing fruits and veggies, we fill our tote boxes with sweet corn and tomatoes at just the right times during the season.

Freshly harvested quality.

97% of past program participants tell us the tote boxes have high quality produce.  Sweet corn tastes better when it’s picked that morning.  Sourcing directly from our fields and farmers, allows us to have some of the freshest fruits and veggies around.

Choose your size.

We offer a large tote box and a small tote box.

Free Delivery to a Pickup Location Near You

Pickup at our Farm Store, as well as, locations in Fishers, Oaklandon, Greenfield.

Recipes for Your Veggies.

Not sure what to make with beets or kale that your kids will eat?  Kelly, our executive chef, provides you with a new recipe each week.

Be surprised every week.

“I am so glad our family participated in the Tuttles Tote Program! Getting the tote each week was a little like Christmas – we couldn’t wait to get home to see what fruits and veggies we received.”

“The program was fun, had lots of good veggies and fruits, and we looked forward to picking up the tote each week. Thanks for doing this program.”

“The tote program gave us the opportunity to introduce many new foods to our one-year-old daughter – we were amazed to find that she loved beets!”

Small Tote

Smaller portion of 4-5 items of  produce each week .  Recommended for 1-2 people who love to eat produce or a family who only cooks a few times a week.


or $25/week for monthly billing

See more photos on our Facebook page of small totes.

Large Tote

Standard portion of 6-8 items/week.   Ideal for a family of 4-6 people who like produce or 1-2 people who LOVE PRODUCE.


or $35/week for monthly billing.

See more photos of large totes on our Facebook page.

per week (pay at start of season)

Small Tote

great for 1-2 ppl

Smaller portion of 4-5 items of  produce each week .

Recommended for 1-2 people who love to eat produce or a family who only cooks a few times a week.

or $25/week for monthly billing

per week (paid in advance)

Large Tote

great for families

Standard portion of 6-8 items/week.

Ideal for a family of 4-6 people who like produce or 1-2 people who LOVE PRODUCE.

or $35/week for monthly billing.

Pickup Locations

You may choose from the following pickup locations. You will pick up at the same time and location all season long. Pickups are on Thursdays afternoons.

  • Greenfield : New 2 Me Consignment Store – Thursday 2-5PM
  • Anderson : Good’s Candy Shop, 1423 W 53rd Street – Thursday 2-8PM
  • Fishers/Geist : Geist Coffee Shop, 10110 Brook School Road – Thursday 2-5PM
  • Fishers :  Tasteful Times, 116th & Olio Road – Thursday 2-7PM
  • Oaklandon :  Palette and Paper Scrapbooking Store, Downtown Oaklandon – Thursday 2-5PM
  • Fishers/Carmel : Allisonville Nursery, 116 & Allisonville – Thursday 2-7PM
  • New Palestine : Hancock Wellness Center, 4055 S Roy Wilson Way – Thursday 2-8PM
  • Tuttle’s Cafe – Thursday 1-7PM


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m going to be gone? PLEASE READ...This is new for 2020!!!

Vacation Week:  NEW FOR 2020!!!  Tote program will be 15 weeks long, you will only pay for 14 weeks…everyone takes one vacation week of their choice.  You can request a vacation week by emailing by Tuesday at midnight for that week’s tote.  At the end of the season, if you have not requested your one week of vacation, you will not receive the final tote on August 27th.  NOTE:  Totes that are not picked up without advanced notice will not be considered for vacation week.  This produce will be donated to the pickup location or a local food pantry.

What if it doesn’t work out?

No worries.  Just email us, and we’ll be happy to refund any unused weeks if the tote program isn’t working out for you.  We only want you to do this program if it’s the right fit.

Can I choose what produce to include?

The goal of the tote program is to provide you with a convenient selection of the best produce.  Because of this we don’t offer customization of the boxes.  If you are someone who likes to select your produce each week, we encourage you to shop in our farm store.

Where does the produce come from?

Most items are grown right here at the orchard.  We grow over 30 types of veggies and over 10,000 apple trees.  We also source items from other farmers who are experts at growing different items (peaches from the south, strawberries from our friends at Spencer Farm for example).  You can read about our growing practices here.

How do I get the best price on my tote?

Those who choose to invest in the orchard by paying at the beginning of the season (this helps us buy seeds, plants, and get things growing) will receive $5 off your tote each week.  That’s a big savings over the course of the season.