Information for those visiting during Fall Break Week (Oct 14-18):

  • Yes, we are OPEN weekdays 9am-7pm.
  • The pumpkin patch is OPEN (still LOTS of pumpkins left), Farm Store is OPEN, Tractor Town Kid’s Area is OPEN, Cafe is OPEN and serving lunch on weekdays, as well as, caramel apples, hot cider, cold cider, slushies.
  • Please note weekday hayrides are ONLY available from 12:30-7PM.  NO AM Hayrides during the week.  You do NOT need to take a hayride to get to the pumpkin patch…pumpkin patch is open 9am-7pm and can be reached by walking.
  • There are still a FEW Golden and Red Delicious apples to pick in the upick orchard, but you do have to WALK approx 1/2 mile to the back of the orchard and look as it is the end of upick apple season.  We have plenty of apples in the Farm Store including Honeycrisp, Crimson Crisp, Gold Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathan, and others.
  • We are seeing more visitors this week than donut production can handle so we are primarily focusing on apple cinnamon donuts, and it is very likely that we may be out of pumpkin or apple glaze donuts from time to time.  We starting making apple donuts early each morning and will have available while supplies last each day, pumpkin donuts are made after apple as time allows.
  • Tuttle’s Grill is NOT open during the week (lunch served in cafe)
  • Due to the fall break crowds this week, the parking lot by the Farm Store will be closed for everyone’s safety. Handicap parking is located just across the street in the grassy area.
produce in farm store

Today's Produce

What's in Farm Store Today.

Updated 10/11

Cider: We now have a good supply of Tuttle’s Cider.

Tuttle’s Grown Produce:

Other Produce:

Apples Farm Store

What's in Farm Store Today.

Today's Apples

Current Varieties in the Store:
Crimson Crisp
Current Varieties in Upick Orchard:
It is late in the upick apple season.  You will need to walk and look to find apples.
Golden Delicious
fishers apple picking

Today's Upick

What's Ripe in the Orchard Today

Apples For Pick Your Own:

It is late in the pick your own apple season.   You will need to walk a ways and look to find apples.

Areas of the Orchard Currently Open:

Weekday Cafe Menu (NOT SATURDAY)

Menu is subject to change based on availability.


*Note: We do our best to keep this as accurate as possible, but at times we are very busy and availability may change throughout the day.  Feel free to call our farm store 317-326-2278 if you are coming a long distance for a specific item.