Now offering Online & Phone Order with Curbside Pickup Only.

Currently no entry is allowed into Farm Store, Cafe, or Greenhouse.  All items can be ordered online for pickup.

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm    Click here to order or call 317-326-2278

Same Day Orders Only Please

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  • Onion Pants & Sets
  • Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli Plants
  • Strawberry Plants
  • Select Flowers
  • Seeds & such
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All events are cancelled through May 1st.  Participants will be refunded back to their credit card.

We plan to offer items from Greenhouse for pickup.  Herbs, perennials, and some early flowers available around April 10th.  All other flowers available around April 20th (hanging baskets, etc).  Frost free date in Indiana is May 15th so we still have a little while before it is safe to have most plants outside, but we are growing them and will have them ready in late April / early May.

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Today's Produce

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Cider: We now have a good supply of Tuttle’s Cider.

Other Produce:

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What's in Farm Store Today.

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We are currently done with U-Pick apples and pumpkins this season.

Areas of the Orchard Currently Open:

  • Farm Store

*Note: We do our best to keep this as accurate as possible, but at times we are very busy and availability may change throughout the day.  Feel free to call our farm store 317-326-2278 if you are coming a long distance for a specific item.